About Us

Reptile school is a website all about reptiles that is led by Joshua Beurskens. Joshua has been passionate about reptiles since he was in diapers. As a child, Joshua was especially obsessed with crocodilians, with his favorite being the Nile crocodile. He could watch nature documentaries of crocodiles attacking wildebeest for hours at a time. 

It was not uncommon of him to spend an afternoon with a tape measure measuring out the lengths of all the different kinds of crocodiles and alligators. Simply put he just wanted to know everything he possibly could about crocodiles and other reptiles. 

Of course, since a Nile crocodile was not a suitable first pet reptile, Joshua settled for a Texas alligator lizard instead. He truly loved his alligator lizard but unfortunately, its life was short-lived due to some bad information given at the local pet store. You have to consider the fact that this was the early 90’s before you could simply look everything up on the internet. 

We Care About Reptile Care 

This experience led him to have a passion for properly caring for pet reptiles. Since then Joshua has owned numerous other pet reptiles with a particular interest in pet lizards. The goal of reptile school is to have a place for people to learn all about reptiles. 

We try and provide the best information about caring for all kinds of reptiles. This would include lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, and crocodilians. We also like to throw in the occasional amphibian as well. 

Not only is reptile school passionate about reptile care, but we are also interested in the study of reptiles. So we also do our best to provide great insights and facts about all the amazing reptiles around the world. So basically if you often geek out about reptiles then you have come to the right place!