Do Leopard Geckos Recognize Their Owners?

Among the millions of little critters we can have as pets, leopard geckos are one of the best choices for first-time reptile owners. They are cute, smart, and entertaining to watch. But can leopard geckos recognize their owner?

Leopard geckos can recognize their owners through their sense of smell and hearing. However, these geckos do not have the ability to feel love and affection for their owners. The more a person holds and cares for their leopard gecko, the more tame and comfortable the leopard gecko will become.

A relationship between an animal and a human can be strengthened despite an animal’s inability to feel love. You will learn to develop a relationship with your leopard gecko but it won’t be the same kind of relationship you could have with a dog or even a cat. 

Do Leopard Geckos Recognize Thier Owner’s Scent? 

Leopard geckos come in all different colors such as yellow, orange, black, tan, or white. They are called leopard geckos because of their leopard-like spots and patterns. They have long reptilian claws and a long, fat tail. Leopard geckos have a tail that is fatter than most other lizard tails in proportion to their body.

Though not as large as their cousin the fat-tailed gecko. And yes, their tails can fall off. Without a tail, the gecko can still survive. Their five senses of hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, and feeling also help them survive.

A Leopard gecko’s sense of smell helps it find food and sense danger. The gecko’s sense of smell makes it possible for them to recognize the smell of its owner. Because the gecko may get more accustomed to one person’s scent than another, it may be more comfortable around that person with the scent they have smelt before. Although, holding a gecko often will get it more used to being held by any human. 

Do Leopard Geckos Recognize Thier Owner’s Voice? 

Leopard geckos have a great sense of hearing. This helps them catch insects and protect themselves. As a pet, a leopard gecko will hear it’s owners voice often. It can recognize the tone of a voice it hears often. This could help the gecko feel comfortable, but it does not mean that the gecko will recognize the human as their owner or feel love towards them.

Most lizards are used to a quiet environment. You have probably seen lizards rustle through bushes or squirm across a rocky trail. They don’t like to be out in plain sight or around a large crowd. They will hear your voice. Being too loud will likely stress them out. 

The leopard gecko will hear you coming when you pick it up. If you are not gentle with them they will get scared and possibly bite you. They won’t trust you. Slowly and carefully pick up your lizard from underneath. Picking them up from above can make them feel like they are being attacked or captured by a predator. Respect the fear of your lizard and work with him little by little each day. Stay consistent so that the leopard gecko will learn to recognize what is going on. 

A Leopard Geckos Ability to See and Remember

A Leopard Gecko can recognize the looks of a thing or person. Their sight and smell help them do so. It may take time for them to learn.

Leopard Gecko owners have had experiences where they felt like their gecko recognized them. For example, a woman tried to help her gecko get its shedding skin off of its eye. The Leopard Gecko could not see. The owner said that when the gecko was able to recognize her as its owner, the lizard rested on her hand. She was able to help the gecko calm down and get the shedding off its eye. (Source)

Geckos and lizards are not social animals, so they don’t interact with humans or other animals willingly. They do what it takes to eat, drink, and mate. They only care about survival and cannot feel love towards animals or humans. Lizards do not have the right brain make-up in order to love or show affection. (Source)

Even when it comes to finding a mate, Leopard Geckos don’t want to be around them long. Leopard geckos prefer to be alone. Therefore, getting a partner for your gecko would stress them out.

Making their cage diverse and changing it every so often will help your gecko have the security it enjoys.

Creating the Right Environment For Your Leopard Gecko

Although the geckos cannot feel affection, they can learn to trust you. The more you are around your leopard gecko, the more it will get used to you. You can take your leopard gecko out of its cage to spend some time with you and get new scenery.

Keeping your gecko well-fed and active will help them feel good and happy. Make sure your gecko has enough room and that the temperature is right. Keep their cage clean.

Lizards are not an animal that will enjoy being held. It often gives them anxiety, especially if they have just been moved to a new and unfamiliar area. Your lizard can get used to being held and will handle it more calmly. With time it can come to treat your hand like a tree branch and find peace as it rests on your lap.

Taking your time to feed the lizard and communicate with it will help it relax when you’re around. Help the lizard get used to your hand by keeping it in the cage for a while. Be careful if you feed your gecko with your hand. The gecko could mistake it for a worm and bite it.

If many people hold your gecko it will get used to being around anyone. Typically speaking leopard geckos are considered friendly compared to many other lizards that can be kept as pets. 

Leopard geckos are more active at night, so you may be able to interact with them more after dark. If you hang out with them when they are more awake, they will get more used to having you around.

Although Leopard Geckos are not able to feel love or connection towards their peers or owners, they are wonderful pets. They are cute and fun to watch, and it is possible for you to gain their trust as you patiently and consistently care for them.

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