Leopard Gecko Size | How Big Do Leopard Geckos Get?

how big do leopard geckos get?

The size of leopard Geckos make them the perfect sized lizard for many owners. Along with their even temperaments and cool looking features you might be wondering if they are the right pet for you. After all, they don’t get to big or require too much space. But just how big does a leopard gecko get? 

Leopard Gecko size ranges from about 7-10 inches long and they weigh about 1.5-3.5 ounces. Male leopard geckos tend to be a bit bigger averaging from 7-8 inches long. Females on the other hand typically reach lengths of around 7-8 inches long. 

These lizards pack a lot of personality in a very small package. This makes the Leopard Gecko fairly easy to care for because it doesn’t need a ton of space or specialized care. In this article, we will look at some other interesting characteristics of this small, but interesting gecko species. 

Leopard Gecko Size: Are They The Right Size For You?

Leopard Geckos start out fairly small, at around 3 inches in length, but they grow pretty quickly, reaching lengths of up to 10 inches. A leopard gecko reaches its adult size in about a year to a year and a half. 

A Leopard Gecko’s sexual maturity is dependent on their weight and not their age and they reach sexual maturity and can breed when they reach 35 grams or 1.2 ounces in weight. This means that they spend less time as juveniles than a lot of other popular reptile species that are often kept as pets. 

This further adds to their ease of care, as there is less time spent on adjusting diet and nutrition through the hatchling, juvenile, and adult stages. Leopard gecko size tends to be a bit smaller than most pet lizards. That said, for many people this is ideal. 

Since they are small they only require a 20-gallon tank. You can find out more about the ideal tank size here! Of course, there are some down sides to having a smaller sized pet lizard. 

For one they are easier to lose especially if handled by a small child. In addition, due to a leopard geckos size, they are also easier to harm than a larger sturdier lizard. So if you have small children then you will need to oversee their handling. 

Leopard Gecko Size Makes Them Great For Beginners

 The leopard gecko is among one of the best choices for those that are interested in caring for and keeping a lizard as a pet.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why these geckos are great starter lizards.

  • They Have An Easy-Going Temperament: Leopard Geckos are very docile and are very unlikely to bite. And, compared to a lot of other pet lizards, if they were to bite, it would not be too painful or cause very much damage. 
  • They’ve Got A Fashionable Look: Leopard print is in style and the Leopard Gecko has great fashion sense. It is no doubt that part of their popularity comes from the black and brown spots that mimic their namesake. And it’s not just their coloration that makes them so adorable. Leopard Geckos have very expressive faces with a perpetual grin and large cute eyes. 
  • Their Needs Are Few: Though they have the same needs as most reptiles in captivity, their diminutive size and hardiness mean that you’re not going to break the bank purchasing all the necessities for a Leopard Gecko. A 10 to 20-gallon aquarium is sufficient for up to two geckos, so they don’t require a lot of room either. 
  • They Are Affordable: Leopard Geckos don’t require a ton of food or accessories to keep them healthy and happy. But, that’s not the only reason they are such a cost-effective pet. A Leopard Geckos is usually only going to cost you around $20 to $40, so you don’t need to make a huge investment up front. Though, if you are not worried about money there are a lot of neat, exotic color variations of the species that can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars.
  • They Live A Long Time: Dependant on health, sex, and quality of care, a Leopard Gecko in captivity can live upwards of twenty years. That is a long time for a small animal companion to live. This means that a truly great bond can be formed between these reptiles and their keepers.

Why A Leopard Gecko Might Not Be Right For You

Leopard Geckos are one of the best pet lizards for those with zero experience caring for a reptile, but there are some things that might make you think twice about this particular lizard species.

Here are some of the reasons why a Leopard Gecko might not be right for you. It took a bit of consideration to find anything negative about these adorable lizards, so take these all with a grain of salt.

Leopard Geckos Are Very Small

We already know this, but it should be stated that their size can be both a blessing and a curse. Not only are they small, but they also love to explore their homes. This means that they can get easily lost in nooks and crannies where you may never see them again.

It is vital that they are monitored and only allowed to explore in safe areas. This can also be a problem with small children who might accidentally squeeze the leopard gecko too hard. 

Their Size Can Make Them Easy to Harm 

As previously mentioned, you need to be careful with who is handling your leopard gecko. If you have small children make sure they are mature enough to handle a leopard gecko without harming it. 

Geckos, like many species of lizards, can drop their tails if they are trapped, attacked, or frightened. This is a defense mechanism that allows them to escape predators in the wild. In captivity, this can happen as well. This can happen if they are scared, stressed, or handled poorly.

It isn’t a life and death matter but it can affect the gecko’s overall health, as it requires a lot of physical resources for them to grow another tail.  Their tails grow back, though it does take a few months on average. 

They Are Active During The Evening And Night

 Leopard geckos are most active in the evening and into the night and there’s nothing you can do about it. They are a species that sleeps all day and does their hunting, mating, and exploring at night. This might not be a big deal if you are a night owl, but those gecko vocalizations could be a problem if you are trying to sleep in the same room. 

Is The Leopard Gecko The Right Size For You?

The Leopard Gecko is a small, lightweight reptile that is great for beginners. They pack a lot of relaxed personality into a small package and are very easy to care for.

They grow quickly but top out at under a foot in length, so if you are looking for a pet that isn’t going to take up a lot of space and still be with you for many years, the Leopard Gecko just might be your reptile.

That said, the size of a leopard gecko can have set backs as well. A Leopard geckos size also makes them easier to lose and harm. This is especially true with smaller children in the house. 

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